About Us

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Having worked in cabinet construction and installation for over 25 years, our owner noticed that home owners in Florida all had a hard time using their sliding glass doors. As the cabinets were installed, the homeowners would stay out of the way by sitting on their patio or balcony. A lot of times this would present a problem because they had a hard time opening and closing their doors.

After a woman who lived in a condo on the 15th floor complained that it was going to cost her thousands to replace her sliding glass door panels, our owner took the slider out of the track and inspected the rollers and recommended that she call some one to just replace her rollers and fix up her track. Unfortunately, there wasn't any one offering that service.
Soon after this event, A-1 Sliders, LLC was born. And we are happy to say that we have been saving customers hundreds to thousands of dollars on their repairs and even saving money on their heating/cooling bills.